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Every VLOG Post is a Brief Video Designed to Inform, Inspire, and Instruct.

(Average duration less than 2 minutes)

More than just Direct Mail Advertising, topics include Mailing Lists, EDDM, Marketing Tips, Sales Training, Point of Sale Promotions, Guerrilla Marketing and More. We hope the FREE content provided in our VLOG will help you Grow Your Business!

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How to Plan a Postcard Mailing in 5 Steps

Before you launch a postcard mailing be sure to review and follow the 5 steps outlined in the videos below. Learn about Targeting, Reach and Frequency, the importance of Postcard Design and more.

5 Steps to a Successful Mailing

Use the Right Mailing List

How Many to Mail and How Often?

What differentiates you from
your competition?

The “Magnet” doesn’t always need to be a discount, watch and learn more.

Focus on lead generation, leads are an opportunity to make a sale.

Learn About Mailing Lists

The mailing list is one of the most important elements that contribute to a successful campaign. Before you order a mailing list, expand your knowledge by watching the videos offered below. Learn about data sources, saturation versus targeted lists, and much more.

Mailing List Creation with the
Help of a Coach

Trust Only the Best Mailing List Compilers

Where do Compilers Gather Data
for Mailing Lists?

We Offer Mailing Lists and More:
Design, Printing & Full Service Mailings

Learn when you should use a targeted consumer mailing list

What Are Postal Mail Carrier Routes?

Use Carrier Routes to Narrow
a Geographic Target

Targeted or Saturation Business Lists.
How to Choose

Learn About Business Saturation Lists

Learn About Targeted Business Lists

The Best Way to Target Specific Apartment Complexes

Who Are Your Best Prospects
for New Sales?

Learn How to Add Phone Numbers
to a List

Learn About the National Change of Address Database

Every Door Direct Mail “EDDM”

The Every Door Direct Mail program offered by the United States Post Office is one of the most affordable options available to small businesses. However, the program will not work in every situation. Will it work for your business?  Find out by watching the EDDM Videos included in our VLOG.

What types of businesses
should use EDDM?

How to set up an On Demand
Distribution Plan

Create a steady flow of
new prospects

Jump start sales by mailing all at once

EDDM size requirements in
Plain English

Videos Featuring Ideas by Industry

In this section of our VLOG, we present videos that offer marketing ideas for specific industries. Don’t see your industry represented?  Send us an email Jim@PrintLabelAndMail.com and let us know.

The Importance of a Farm Area
How often to advertise

Learn the 2 most important objectives of Real Estate Agent Advertising

How to design a Real Estate Postcard

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing is a strategy that has been around for decades. Simply put it involves using innovative, inexpensive, and easy to execute marketing and advertising programs to grow a business.

No Time? No Ideas? No Budget?

Turn your Business Card into a Powerful Marketing Tool

A Powerful Point of Sale Promotion that’s Very Affordable!

Spotlight Your Location with Feather Flags

Reward your customers and keep them coming back

A Direct Mail Advertising Program Just About Any Business Can Afford

Does Your Business Provide On Site Service? Then take the Challenge!

Marketing Tips

The subjects covered in the videos below can be applied across industry lines and for most marketing plans.

A Vintage Advertising Strategy That Still Applies Today

Things to consider when evaluating the results of a campaign

Different Types of Headlines and Examples

Sales Training Videos

If you own or manage a small business, chances are you often required to play the role of a salesperson. How do you feel about that? Do you admire a good salesperson? Would you like to sharpen your sales ability? Then check out the series of videos below.

The truth about selling

Learn how to deal with different personality types

A “Lead” is not a Guaranteed Sale

Do you know what “I.B.S.” stands for and how it can help you sell more?

Sell more by selling one item at a time.

How to handle price objections.

Make sure you “Ask for Permission” before making your presentation

What to do when your prospect says “I want to think about it”

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