Direct Mail Choices

How to evaluate Direct Mail Options

Which of the Direct Mail Choices available should you pick? There are several types of direct mail. Choosing the right one depends on your marketing goals and budget. Our experienced direct mail advertising coaches are ready to offer recommendations and pricing geared to your situation.

Full Service Mailings

Using Our Mailing List or Yours

We are a “One Stop Shop” for Direct Mail Advertising. Our services include: Custom Design, Postcard Printing, Mailing List Creation, Labeling and Postage at the Lowest Rates.

Weekly “Drip” Mailings

Pay As You Go

No Contract Required

One of our most popular bulk mail choices. With a Drip Mailing Campaign, our clients save money, establish a comfortable budget, and schedule weekly mailings of 500 Postcards or more. Talk to one of our Coaches for an explanation of how it works.

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail

Target Entire Neighborhoods at the Lowest Postage Rate

EDDM is another type of direct mail. We help target the neighborhoods you want to reach, custom design and print postcards,  bundle and prepare all the required post office paperwork. Ship the order to you “Mail Ready”.  You mail and pay the postage locally. Mail them all at once or in stages. 

Do It Yourself “DIY” Mailings

Mail 4″ x 6″ Postcards with a 35¢ Stamp

Custom Designed Full Color Postcards are printed and shipped to you. Neighborhood, Consumer or Business Mailing Lists also available. You are in control of how many, where, and when to mail.

Label and Mail Service

Got Postcards? We Can Mail Them For You!

Send us your postcards and we will address and mail them at the lowest possible postage rate.

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