Cost of Direct Mail

How to Determine Direct Mail Cost

Direct mail cost for a full service mailing is determined by the following elements: Mailing List, Design Service, Postcard Size, Printing, Mailing Service and Postage. The Direct mail cost per 1000 can be reduced by placing a larger order. In other words, the more you mail the lower the per piece rate.

Cost to Mail to Neighborhoods

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Cost for a Targeted Mailing

Targeted Full Service Pricing Applies when using your mailing list of a list purchased from us.

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Direct Mail Advertising Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Think about it. Direct Mail Advertising is one of the few media choices available where you can be certain that your message will reach your prospect. Newspapers, TV, Radio, Billboards even the Internet can be “hit or miss”. Everyone gets their mail every day so your message is always delivered. 

Postcard Mailing Cost -Direct Mail Cost Per 1000

There are several factors that determine the direct mail cost per 1000 including Postage Rate, Printing Quantity and Size of the Mail Piece. Our coaches offer options and recommendations to lower the direct mail cost per 1000 to get the most from your direct mail budget.

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An Affordable Direct Mail Drip Campaign!

A drip campaign is a series of mailings set on a regular schedule.Create a top of mind awareness by exposing prospects to a message numerous times!

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