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Turning 65 Mailing Lists for Medicare


Medicare Mailing List of Seniors Turning 65 – 8¢ Per Contact

We have turning 65 leads for Medicare Insurance Agents. Get a Free Count of seniors about to turn 65 broken down by month. Other medicare leads for the annual open enrollment period are also available. Our Direct Mail Advertising Coaches are available to answer questions and help with mailing list creation.

Group of people turning 65

How to Create a
Medicare Mailing List or a Medicare Open Enrollment Mailing List

Start by defining your Geographic Territory by zip code, city, county, or state. As an alternative method, a radius from your location can also be used.

If you are looking for seniors turning 65 leads, decide which months are to be included. If an open enrollment mailing list is needed, decide what age range should be included.

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8 cents consumer lists



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5,000-9,999 .07¢
10,000-14,999 .065¢
15,000-19,999 .06¢
20,000+ Talk to a Coach



Mailing Lists are delivered by E-Mail in a choice of the following formats:



Same Day Medicare Mailing List Delivery for orders received by
3:00 PM Eastern Time.

Orders received after 3:00 PM
are sent the next business day.

Creating a Direct Mail Strategy for Medicare Leads

Strategy for a Turning 65 Mailing List

If your budget allows for multiple mailings to the same prospect, consider a 3, 2, 1 Mailing Schedule starting 3 months followed by two months and finally a month prior to their 65th birthday month. Those on a more limited budget should focus on a single mailing one or two months prior to the turning 65 birth month. When setting up you schedule be sure to factor in time for postcard design, printing, and post office mail delivery.

Strategy for Open Enrollment Mailing List

Who are the best prospects to switch plans during the annual open enrollment period?  If there is a new plan available with additional benefits, then everyone currently on medicare is a prospect. Use a strong, clear headline on your postcard to get your message across. For example:

“Paying Too Much?”
“Getting All The Benefits You Are Entitled To?”
“Does You Agent Explain Options in Plain English?

Demographics Can Enhance Your Medicare Leads List

In addition to age consider using the following demographics to fine-tune your medicare mailing list:

Verified Homeowner

Sample Mailing List Excel or CSV format

Medicare Mailing List Sample
in Excel or CSV Format

Your mailing list can be delivered electronically in Excel or CSV format. To see a Medicare Mailing List Sample in this format click the blue button below:

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