Direct Mail Drip Campaign

Direct Mail Drip Campaign

What is a Direct Mail Drip Campaign?

What is a direct mail drip campaign? Typically, a drip campaign is a series of mailings set on a regular schedule. The goal is to create a top of mind awareness by exposing prospects to a message numerous times. It can be structured in several ways. For example: Mail the same prospects on a regular basis or reach out to new prospects at regular intervals. As with any advertising, to get results, you need to be consistent. To be consistent you need a budget. Our Direct Mail Drip Campaign will accomplish both.


Saturation Mailing
Drip Campaign Prices

If you want to reach every address in a particular neighborhood a Saturation Drip Campaign is what you need. Saturation mailings qualify for the lowest postage rates.

Targeted Mailing
Drip Campaign Prices

If you need to target prospects based on specific demographics such as age, income, gender, etc. you will need a Targeted Drip Campaign.

Cost of Drip Mailings

You Can SAVE by Ordering Up Front

A bigger purchase, usually results in a lower price. The same is true of Direct Mail. By ordering a Drip Mail Campaign you get the price advantage of a larger printing order but won’t have to come “out of pocket” up front. Terms are spread out with equal payments for the duration of the campaign.

image of a red arrow pointing down with the words low price indicating that the larger the purchase the lower the price
New Movers / New Homeowners Mailing List Subscription

Weekly Mailings –
You decide postcard size and quantity to mail

When You Mail on a regular basis you create a steady flow of new leads. Our Bulk Mail Drip Campaigns are set up on a weekly mailing schedule.

Planning ahead with fixed costs puts you in control

Equal Payments are Spread Out Over the Duration of the Campaign

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Drip Mailings can be a Real “Sales Booster”!

The Secret to advertising success: You Need To Be Consistent!
To Be Consistent You Need To Establish An Advertising Budget That’s Comfortable. Our Direct Mail Drip Campaigns include everything you need at an attractive price with easy terms!


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