Business Saturation Mailing Lists

Saturation Business Mailing List

A Saturation Business Mailing List can be used if you want to reach all of the commercial deliveries within a geographic area. An example would be a restaurant seeking to increase its’ lunch traffic by reaching all of the businesses nearby. Now if you feel like only certain businesses could benefit from your product or service then a targeted business mailing list is the way to go.


Saturation Business Mailing List

A saturation business mailing list is compiled by the U S Post Office and  includes every commercial address within a geographic area. The Post Office business saturation lists are updated every month, so they are right up to date. Saturation Mailing Lists do not offer any type of industry or demographic selection. If you use this type of list you must include every commercial address with your target area, including banks, supermarkets, churches, schools, retail stores, medical facilities, offices, etc. This list includes address, city, state, and zip. No business names are included with this type of list.

Saturation Business Mailing List Pricing:
Price: 5¢ per address – $50 minimum order

 Buiness Saturation Mailing Lists: Format & Delivery Options

Business Saturation Mailing Lists will be sent by E-mail in Excel or CSV Format.
B2B Mailing Lists can also be sent as a PDF and formatted to run standard Avery 5160 3-Up Label Sheets.

Peel & Stick Labels Are Available
Add 3.5¢ per address (Includes shipping)

How Deliverable Is A Business Saturation Mailing List?

The source of our business saturation mailing lists is the US Post Office so you know it is up to date. The data is updated on a regular basis by the mail carrier who delivers the mail every day. The list does not include the business name and will be addressed to “Current Business Owner”, so as long as the firm is open for business the mail will be delivered.

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