What is a Mail Carrier Route?

Zip Codes are broken down into mail carrier routes. A carrier route refers to the daily deliveries of a mail carrier. A route includes all the residential and commercial deliveries within the boundaries of the route. The average carrier route has 300 to 600 daily deliveries.

The mail carrier route map below shows how carrier routes are defined. Streets are clearly shown making it easy to target specific neighborhoods. A mailing using a mail carrier route list can be mailed at the lowest standard postage rate.

Mail Carrier Routes Are Defined with a 5 Digit Code

Example: 23C08 (circled in red above)

The first 2 digits (23) are the last 2 numbers of the Zip Code (33023).
The next 3 characters (C08) is the Carrier Route Number.

ZipRouteCitySingle FamilyAptsBusTotalIncomeHome ValueAgeState

Use the chart above to cross reference the Carrier Routes shown on the map and find the total number of deliveries. A breakdown of single family and multi-family homes is shown for information purposes only. To qualify for Carrier Route rates, all of the residential addresses must be included.

Businesses can be included or excluded, and still qualify for the saturation postage rate. A higher postage rate applies to a business only mailing.

If this Mail Carrier Route is selected, it can be mailed 2 ways. With only the residential addresses = 513 or if the businesses are included = 560

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