Targeting an Apartment Complex

If your prospects include renters, living in apartments, you need to be targeting apartment buildings with a mailing list. Here is step by step process you can use to create an apartment mailing list that can reach prospects in a specific apartment complex. It’s worth the effort because, once created you can use it over and over again.


How to Create a Mailing List
Targeting Apartment Buildings
in 4 Easy Steps

Renters are prime candidates to be first time home buyers. Many renters pay more each month to rent than then they would for a monthly mortgage payment. Use this process to target renters living in apartments. Furthermore, our direct mail coaches are available if you need assistance in creating a list targeting apartment complexes.

Step 1 – Get one address in the targeted Apartment Complex 

First of all, identify just one complete address within each apartment complex you want to target.

Step 2 – We’ll determine the Mail Carrier Route

Call or email us with the apartment building address. Then we’ll determine the mail carrier that delivers mail to that apartment complex. You may find that multiple apartment complexes are part of the same carrier route.

Step 3 – Order the mailing list using the Carrier Route Number(s)

Use the mail carrier route number to order the mailing list for the apartment complex chosen. There’s Good News! A saturation mailing list is probably one of the most inexpensive postal mailing lists you can buy.

Some things you should know about this type of mailing list:

  • The original source of a carrier route mailing list is the US Post Office, therefore you know it will be very up to date.
  • There are no names included on this type of list – hence the addressee is “Current Resident”.

Step 4 – Review the list. Remove addresses not in the complex.

Finally, the mailing list you receive will be in excel format. Each address will be listed including individual apartment numbers. Review the mailing list. You may find that the mail carrier’s route includes some addresses that are not part of the apartment complex you are targeting. Remove them from the mailing list. When you are finished, you will have an apartment mailing list that you can mail whenever you like without additional work or cost.

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