The rule of seven is one of the oldest concepts in marketing. It may be old but it is not outdated.  The rule of 7 assumes that prospects need to see your offer at least 7 times before they take action or make a purchase.

Now the number 7 isn’t cast in stone.

The point of the Rule of 7, is that advertising can not be a “one and done” effort. Some products or services may require more than 7 times and others less.

So why do you need to advertise so many times to get results? Here are 3 reasons:

1- Getting Noticed in a Crowded Field
Ads on Social Media, YouTube and Mobile Apps are as common today as traditional print, TV and radio advertising. Prospects are inundated with offers – over 5,000 ads a day compared to only about 500 ads a day in the 1970’s.

2- As they say… “Timing Is Everything”
Prospects may not need of your product or service at the time they see your ad. For example, a postcard from a Realtor won’t convince someone to sell their home. The trick is to have a postcard arrive when a homeowner needs to sell.

3- Familiarity = Trust
Prospects want to do business with providers that they know. Advertising on a regular basis will create a “top of mind” awareness. Even first time customers will feel more comfortable if they have seen your brand numerous times before.

So remember, how many times you reach a prospect is more important than how many prospects you reach.

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