SIC Code 48 – Communications

This major group includes establishments furnishing point-to-point communications services, whether intended to be received aurally or visually; and radio and television broadcasting. This major group also includes establishments primarily engaged in providing paging and beeper services and those engaged in leasing telephone lines or other methods of telephone transmission, such as optical fiber lines and microwave or satellite facilities, and reselling the use of such methods to others.

Subcategories are listed in order from general (3-Digit) to more specific (4-Digit) industry

481 - Telephone Communications4812 - Radiotelephone Communications
4813 - Telephone Communications, except Radiotelephone
482 - Telegraph and other Message Communications4822 - Telegraph and other Message Communications
483 - Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations4832 - Radio Broadcasting Stations
4833 - Television Broadcasting Stations
484 - Cable and other Pay Television Services4841 - Cable and other Pay Television Services
489 - Communication Services, Not Elsewhere Classified4899 - Communication Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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