What are SIC Codes?

SIC Codes are a Standard Industrial Classification system that uses numerical codes, assigned by
the U.S. government, to identify the primary business of  an establishment.

n 1997 the government implemented a new classification system commonly referred to as NAICS or North American Industry Classification System. While this system offers some better methods of
classification, most mailing list compilers and many government agencies still use the SIC system.
When appropriate, we will compare both methods to generate the best data results for our clients.
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Use the Table Below To Look Up SIC Codes

There are over 1000 SIC Codes and not all are listed. The list can be sorted by clicking on the Column Heading. You can use the Search Box at the right top of the table to enter the industry you are looking for. If you do not find the code you are looking for please ask one of our Coaches for assistance.