SIC Code 79 – Amusement and Recreation Services

This major group includes establishments engaged in providing amusement or entertainment services,
not elsewhere classified.

Subcategories are listed in order from general (3-Digit) to more specific (4-Digit) industry

791 - Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls7911 - Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls
792 - Theatrical Producers (except Motion Picture) 7922 - Theatrical Producers (except Motion Picture) and Miscellaneous Theatrical Services
7929 - Bands, Orchestras, Actors, and other Entertainers and Entertainment Groups
793 - Bowling Centers7933 - Bowling Centers
794 - Commercial Sports7941 - Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters
7948 - Racing, including Track Operation
799 - Miscellaneous Amusement and Recreation 7991 - Physical Fitness Facilities
7992 - Public Golf Courses
7993 - Coin-Operated Amusement Devices
7996 - Amusement Parks
7997 - Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs
7999 - Amusement and Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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