SIC Code 52 – Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, and Mobile Home Dealers

This major group includes retail establishments primarily engaged in selling lumber and other building materials; paint, glass, and wallpaper; hardware; nursery stock; lawn and garden supplies; and mobile homes. It includes lumber and other building materials dealers and paint, glass, and wallpaper stores selling to the general public, even if sales to construction contractors account for a larger proportion of total sales. These establishments are known as retail in the trade.

Subcategories are listed in order from general (3-Digit) to more specific (4-Digit) industry

521 - Lumber and other Building Materials Dealers5211 - Lumber and other Building Materials Dealers
523 - Paint, Glass, and Wallpaper Stores5231 - Paint, Glass, and Wallpaper Stores
525 - Hardware Stores5251 - Hardware Stores
526 - Retail Nurseries, Lawn and Garden Supply Stores5261 - Retail Nurseries, Lawn and Garden Supply Stores
527 - Mobile Home Dealers5271 - Mobile Home Dealers

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