Guerrilla Marketing


Win the Daily Sales Battle: Fight Smart, Fight Fair, Fight Like a Guerrilla!

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Most Under $200

What are you waiting for?

Turn Your Business Card Into a Guerrilla Marketing Promo Card

5,000 Promo Cards for $148

Create a regular business card with your contact information . Or make it generic so that anyone on your team can hand them out as their own.

Put a special offer, discount or coupon. Now it’s more than just your contact information, it’s an invitation to come and do some business!


The Guerrilla Marketing
10 Door Challenge

1000 Door Hangers for $198

This operation is perfect for service businesses like an  HVAC, Pool Service, Painter, Plumber, any service business that makes “House Calls”.

Every time you complete a service call, hang a door hanger on 5 houses either side of the job. “10 Doors”.

It can announce that you just completed work at a neighbor’s home and offer a FREE Estimate while you are in the neighborhood.

If you make 3 calls a day, that’s 30 house a day and 150 in a week. If you have more than one person on the road, the numbers can really add up!

Point of Sale Guerrilla “Bounce Back” Mini Flyers

1000 Mini Flyers for $118

Give one to every customer upon completion of a sale and watch them “Bounce Back” with repeat business. The Flyer shows appreciation for their patronage and offers an incentive to come back again soon.


Get Noticed
with a Feather Flag

1 Full Color 8ft Flag for $159
Custom Design Included

A one time investment can drive traffic to your location for months! Printed using superior direct to fabric dye sublimation equipment. These premium quality flags are printed on 3oz Polyester.

The $35 a Week
Guerrilla Marketing Challenge

Get 1000 4″x6″ Postcards & a Neighborhood Mailing List for $188

What can you do with 1000 Postcards & 1000 addresses?
Mail 100 a week for $35! A 4″x6″ postcard qualifies for a 35¢ First Class Stamp. Buy 100 Stamps (self adhesive) on a roll for $35. In 10 Weeks you will have mailed all 1000 and completed your first “$35 A Week Challenge”.


Custom Magnets

Starting at $99 for 250 Magnets

Give your brand, product or service staying power by advertising with Magnets! Printed on premium quality 17pt magnet-backed stock, Magnets come in sizes ranging from Business Card size, to Announcement Card size.

Custom Designed Stickers

Starting at $98 

Create memorable marketing campaigns with full color Stickers and Bumper Stickers. Stickers are the perfect way to brand boxes, bags, envelopes, monthly statements, retail products and more.


Yard Signs

Starting at $175 for 10 Signs

Keep in front of your prospect! Custom Designed Yard Signs are a great form of local advertising. Place a yard sign on a lawn, parking lot, construction area and more!

Vinyl Banners – For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Starting at $89 

Unlike other types of advertising, banners can be used over and over again. A custom design and a simple concept will make your banner stand out an attract the attention of prospects. Banners can also be used for special occasions, birthdays and more!

Sample of a custom banner designed and printed.

Use QR Codes

They’re FREE!

Just about everyone has a smart phone capable of scanning your QR CODE. A QR CODE can send them to your website, a YouTube Video or provide an electronic business card. Click the Blue Button and submit a form and we’ll create and send you a FREE QR CODE.

Create & Use a Unique Slogan!

Say it, Print it, Repeat it so Prospects Will Remember it!

A good slogan is important, it can sum up your marketing strategy. They don’t always need to be short, in fact some of the most effective can be quite long –
For Example MasterCard
– “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard”

Use Memory Enhancing Techniques to create a great slogan.
Here are 3 Examples:

  1. Alliteration: Bounty – “The quicker picker-upper”
  2. Rhyme: Haig Scotch Whiskey – “Don’t be vague. Ask for Haig”
  3. Repetition: Energizer Batteries – “It keeps going… and going… and going”
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