Guerrilla Marketing with Business Cards

1000 Custom Designed, 2-Sided Guerrilla Cards for $45

Guerrilla Marketing with Business Cards is an excellent example of a innovative,  unconventional and low cost marketing strategy you can use to grow your business. We call them Guerrilla Cards and for under $50 they are and exceptional value. Coaches available to help with design.

Guerrilla Marketing Tip

Turn Standard Business Cards into Powerful “Guerrilla Cards”

Handing someone your business card is a great way to  distribute your contact information.  But at the same time you can also provide an invitation to do some business. How? By turning them into Guerrilla Cards. It’s easy, just print a discount, special offer, list of services, product description or other useful information on the reverse side. That’s how to do Guerrilla Marketing with Business Cards.

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