Miami-Dade County Zip Code Map

Click the Miami Dade County Zip Code Map Icon below to display a detailed map of all Zip Codes in Miami Dade, Florida. The map shows cities, streets, zip code boundaries and more. Dade County Mailing Lists and full mailing service are available. If you have questions about Miami Dade County Zip Codes contact one of our Direct Mail Coaches.

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What if a Zip Code Extends Beyond Your
Market Area?

Answer: Use Mail Carrier Routes to Define Your Target Area.

Did you know that Zip Codes are made up of Mail Carrier Routes (the daily deliveries of a mail person)? The average Carrier Route has 300 to 500 addresses. Use Mail Carrier Routes to target the neighborhoods within your primary zip code. Request a mail carrier route map and carrier count report for any Miami Dade County Zip Code using the form below.

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