How to Create an Voters Mailing List

1- How to create voters mailing list

Start by Defining Your Market Area

Choices are zip code, city, county, state or nationwide. For businesses like an school with a fixed location a radius from your address would work well. Mobile businesses like a politician can limit the geography considering the territory that want to travel. A coach can discuss and make suggestions for your specific needs.

2- Identify the Voter Type

Depending on what segment of the market you are interested in you can use demographics to refine your search. Voter mailing lists have many options including: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or No Party. 

3- Identify the Voter

Aside from selecting the demographics for the voter type, voter demographics can also be incorporated. Income level, home value, gender and age are available. Keep in mind that the more specific the mailing list requirements the smaller the count results. A mailing list coach can review options with you and help to make selections that will result in the most effective list for your needs.

4- How to take “Reach” and “Frequency” into consideration

Is it better to 1500 prospects once or 500 prospects 3 times?
Every marketer has a budget and wants to get the most “mileage” from their allocated dollars. However, many focus on reach rather than frequency. Which is more important?  We have a brief video that will shed some light on the subject: “THE RULE OF 7” featured on our video blog. It’s less than 2 minutes long, so why not watch it now?

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