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EDDM Every Door Direct Mail
Shipping & Post Office Drop Off Instructions

Watch these 3 brief videos. They will describe what to do after your Every Door Direct Mail order ships to you.
When your shipment arrives, it will be “Mail Ready”.
However, a bit of advance planning will make your job a lot easier.


Orders are shipped via UPS

Watch this video to learn how to easily track your order. Learn what happens if no one is there to receive your order.

There is a color coded label on each box

Before you open any of the boxes – please review the label and video below and organize the shipment using the color coded labels.

The required paperwork is in Box Number 1

Each zip code has it’s own set of paperwork. There is a box number 1 for each zip code.

Learn what paperwork must be submitted at the post office.  The instructions are straight forward,  but, if you have questions, call us before you get to the post office. We are here to help.

Questions? Call us! 866-594-3069

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