Postcard Samples by Industry

Postcard Samples by Industry

This section of our website is dedicated to postcard design. Remember, it’s the message that motivates a prospect to respond to a postcard mailing. The postcard samples shown here are for ideas and inspiration. Your organization is unique – your postcard should be as well. We invite you to watch the brief video below which explains our four point design strategy.

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Our Postcards include a “NO Risk” Design Guarantee

Here’s how it works. After we send the first draft of the postcard, clients tell us what changes they would like. We make the changes and send another proof. There is never a charge for changes and changes are unlimited. We want our clients to be delighted with their postcard design, not only how it looks but what it says.

We Use a 4 Point Postcard Design Strategy That Works!

The purpose of a postcard is to generate a lead; it’s a “lure” not a brochure. Over the years we’ve developed a very effective design strategy that works for just about any business or service. Watch the video for some postcard design tips that if used will be certain to improve effectiveness.

Here Are The 4 Points:

image of the word look with eyes in the letter o's to illustrate postcard design tip number one the postcard must pass the glance test

1. The Glance Test

A Postcard always reaches the prospect. Everyone gets their daily mail but they sort through it quickly. You’ve only got a precious few seconds to grab the attention of the recipient, you must pass the glance test.

Click Here to learn more about creating an effective postcard design by Passing the “Glance Test”

2. The Magnet

Every postcard should have a special offer or magnet to motivate the prospect to respond. It doesn’t always have to be a discount but it must have a big enough perceived value to work.

Click Here to learn more about using a “Magnet” on your Postcard

image of a magnet for design tip number two a special offer or incentive is needed
image of a number one foam finger showing for tip number three the claim to fame

3. Your Claim To Fame

What makes your business or service unique, or different from your competition? We’ll help you identify your strengths and highlight them.

Click Here to learn more about featuring your “Claim to Fame” on a postcard

4. Call To Action

What will the client be thinking after reading your postcard? If your call to action is “BUY NOW” or “CALL NOW”, what happens if the prospect isn’t sold yet? Your call to action must cover every scenario.

Click Here to learn more about the “Call to Action” on your postcard

Those are our 4 Postcard Design Tips. Use them and discover the difference.

image of a hand held loud speaker illustrates design tip number 4 using a prominent call to action
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