Postcard Marketing for Realtors

Successful postcard marketing for Realtors is a matter of creating a “Top of Mind Awareness” of the agent’s name and claim to fame. Sending out a postcard is not going to convince someone to sell their house. Realtors need to be their when folks make that decision. The best way to do that is to mail frequently to the same “farm area”, at least once a month.

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Are are some ideas for a Postcard Mailing Campaing for Real Estate Agents

It is all about you!

When you are advertising your services, it is not the time to be modest. Selling Real Estate is a one on one, personal service. Include your photo and a brief resume. If you are new to the business, do not try to conceal it, let folks know that you are building a reputation and will work harder to get results. Include memberships in community organizations or church groups. If you live in the neighborhood you are targeting, be sure to mention it.

Use Mail Carrier Routes To Target Your “Farm Area”

Use mail carrier route maps to target your farm area. Direct mail is the best way to keep in front of new listing prospects. USPS Mail Carrier Routes can be mailed at the lowest postage rates and Carrier Route Maps are available to compare to your Farm Area. A smaller list, mailed frequently will yield the best results. Remember, your name needs to be “top of mind” when the decision to sell is made. The only way to do that is to mail on a regular basis. Be consistent and over time, the listings will come. Once you’ve built momentum, it’s time to expand that farm area.

Develop A Market Plan for New Listings And Give It A Name

Sure, most listings sell through the MLS. What other marketing activities do you include with your listing service? Open house, lawn signs, newspaper advertising, website, door hangers, etc. Make a list and present it as a results oriented marketing package. Make it even more special by giving it a name i.e. “The Exclusive, Bill Sullivan, Residential Real Estate, Marketing Plan”.

Use A Slogan To Help People Remember Your Name

Sometimes it may seem corny, but it works. i.e. “Selling Your Home? If You’re In A Hurry, Call Billy Murray!”

The FREE Market Analysis Offer

Even if a homeowner is not ready to sell they are probably still curious about how much their house is worth. Don’t think of them as wasting time on a non-prospect. The more people you meet who remember your name and what you do, the more sales momentum you’ll create.

List The Houses You’ve Sold Recently. Don’t Have Any? You Can Still Make A List.

Put together a list of houses that have sold recently, including prices and a brief description. If they are not your listings, put a small disclaimer at the bottom “complied from MLS data base”.

Can You Offer A Discount Brokerage Fee? People Love To Save.

If your broker allows, you might consider offering a discounted brokerage fee and advertise: “Full Service At A Lower Fee”!

Don’t Keep Changing the Appearance of your Postcard

Modify pricing and message if you must, but try to keep the appearance of your postcard basically the same. You want prospects to recognize it and associate it with your brand.

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