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Postcard marketing for plumbers can do more than generate repair and clogged drain service calls. Homes in older neighborhoods may need fixture upgrades and new plumbing service. Use the ideas on this page to create an effective postcard. The objective should be to generate small and large jobs. Even small jobs create an opportunity to introduce your plumbing business and set the stage for referrals and additional work in the future.

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Here are a few things to consider when planning a postcard mailing for your Plumbing Company.

Start by defining your territory

Do some research. Where do your current customers reside? Which neighborhoods are older and likely to need plumbing service or replacement?

Mail carrier routes can be used to define the neighborhoods you want to reach. Create a “wish list” of all the carrier routes you would like to target,  even though you may not have the budget to mail them all at the beginning. Once identified you will have a total count of the postal deliveries of your projected market area. With that information you can create a marketing plan with future expansion in mind.

Mail on a Regular Basis

Consider both REACH (the number of prospects) and FREQUENCY (the number of mailings). Mailing on a regular basis is important. If your territory is too large you may struggle to establish a budget that allows frequent mailing.

We recommend mailing the same prospects every 4 to 6  weeks. Remember, if you are trying to establish brand awareness within a territory, frequency is more important than reach. Therefore, after you establish a comfortable budget, adjust your reach to accommodate a 4 to 6 week frequency.

So Many Homes, So Many Opportunities!

We’ve seen lots of plumbers advertise their services with the headline: “PLUMBING PROBLEMS? CALL US!” This approach can yield results. There is bound to be lots of folks with some sort of problem. However, why focus on just home owners with problems? Instead, consider every home as a prospect. Think about all the services you could provide in addition to plumbing problems. Services like: changing a faucet, upgrading bathroom fixtures, installing a water line for an automatic ice maker, adding a new outdoor water spigot, the list goes on and on.

Show The Price

Give prospects an idea of the cost of your service. For example, Faucet Replaced $99 (plus parts), Regular Price $119, Save $20. In fact, you should include a menu of prices for a variety of services. Some will see a price and say, “that’s too expensive”, but others will remark “I didn’t realize it was so reasonable.” Prices pre-qualify prospects before they call.

Use Your Neighborhood As A Pipeline For New Customers

Why not prospect in the neighborhood where you live. USPS Carrier Route Maps make it easy to target specific neighborhoods. People trust their neighbors. You can even offer a neighborhood discount.

Call “The Honest Plumber”

It may sound corny, but people are wary of tradesman. Everyone hates the idea of getting ripped off. Include your photo, you may be surprised how may may recognize you. The photo also makes the postcard more personal (you may be surprised how many people recognize you). Remember, you are asking for an invitation to go inside someones home. If you have a crew, show a group photo and they should be in some sort of uniform (even a nice t-shirt).

The “No Fee” Service Call

If you get the job, waive the service call fee. Your ad can say: ”FREE Service Call” the disclaimer can go on to say Service call fee waived if work is done (a $69 value).

Be Flexible

“Service On Your Schedule: Evenings and Weekends At No Extra Charge!”.

Offer Residential Service To Your Corporate Clients

No corporate clients? How about a “Friends And Family” Promotion. Offer discounts to the friends and family of your current clients.

If Offering A Discount Use Dollars ($) Not a Percentage Off (%)

A discount expressed in dollars rather than percentage off is usually more effective. If you say 10% OFF, people will wonder – …”10% OFF What?”. A dollars off discount (even a modest one) usually works better (especially in these economic times). Try this headline: “SAVE THIS POSTCARD – $10 OFF ANY PLUMBING SERVICE”.

Don’t Keep Changing the Appearance of your Postcard

Modify pricing and message if you must, but try to keep the appearance of your postcard basically the same. You want prospects to recognize it and associate it with your brand.

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