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Postcard marketing can generate leads for remodeling projects big and small. Target neighborhoods where you have done business before. Use ideas in this article as inspiration and remember, the postcard must pass “The Glance Test”, which means the reader will know what the card is about with just a passing glance.

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Here are a few things to consider when planning a postcard mailing for your Home Remodeling Company.

Make A Specific Offer – “A Magnet” for Response

While it may be a good idea to include a “laundry list” of all the home remodeling services that you offer, don’t make that the highlight of your ad. That type of ad is better suited for a directory, like the yellow pages. When people go the the yellow pages, or some other directory, they have already decided to investigate a remodeling project. Direct marketing presents more of a challenge. We are trying to get the attention of a prospect who is probably not thinking about a home remodeling as he goes to his mail box. Our goal is to get the prospect excited about a project. Offer a home remodeling project that is popular and a great value and then, promote it in a tantalizing way. Remember, all we are trying to do is generate a lead.

Go Fishing For New Customers – Use A Price As The Bait

We are not suggesting a “Bait and Switch”, an attractive price for a specific service will “lure” more prospects to respond. Which offer do you think sounds better? A) “Storm Windows Replaced – Call Now And Save!” or B) “Storm Windows Replaced – Most Homes In This Neighborhood Only $195 per Window!” . You can always include a disclaimer such as: “most homes”, ”window size”, “single story homes only”, etc. Some will see a price and say, “that’s too expensive”, but others will remark “I didn’t realize it was so reasonable.”Prices pre-qualify prospects before they call. Learn more about featuring prices – watch a one minute video.

Call “The Honest Contractor”

It may sound corny, but people are wary of tradesman. Everyone hates the idea of getting ripped off. Remember, you are asking for an invitation to go inside someones home to provide an estimate. Include your photo on the postcard. It will make the postcard more personal (you may be surprised how many people recognize you). You name and a photo sends a message that you are proud of your company and your work. If you have a crew, show a group photo and they should be in some sort of uniform (even a nice t-shirt).

Use Full Color Postcards With Lots Of Photos

It’s true, a picture is worth a 1000 words, or more! Include a photos of your work. If you have before and after shots, even better. Along with the photos add a few testimonials and a line that says additional references available on request.

I Guarantee It!

“We show up when we say we will, we treat your home like it is our own and we’ll finish on time and within budget. I own the company, I’ll be at the job and I guarantee the work”. That’s Powerful.

Build A Foundation Of New Customers In Your Own Neighborhood

Why not prospect in the neighborhood where you live. USPS Carrier Route Maps make it easy to target specific neighborhoods. People like to do business with locals. You can even offer a neighborhood discount.

Don’t Keep Changing the Appearance of your Postcard

Modify pricing and message if you must, but try to keep the appearance of your postcard basically the same. You want prospects to recognize it and associate it with your brand.

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