How to Create an
Commercial Property Owners Mailing List

If you are in a industry  that serves  commercial property owners than we can help with the mailing list.  Our coaches are happy to show you how to create an Commercial Property Owners Mailing List.  Marketing Strategies and budgets vary so we start by listening to your goals before running counts, making recommendations or providing quotes.  In other words, every Commercial property mailing list should be unique based on the profile of the prospects being targeted. Our consultations are free and without obligation.

1- How to create commercial property owners mailing list

Start by Defining Your Market Area

Choices are zip code, city, county, state or nationwide. Are you trying to reach owners that may live out of state and need someone to manage the property for them. Or are you trying to reach local owners that may need your cleaning business services. Maybe you are trying to locate owners in your area looking to sale their property. A coach can discuss and make suggestions for your specific needs.

2- Identify the Property Type

Commercial property owner mailing lists have options including building type, number of offices, number of floors, is it a strip center or mall. Maybe you are looking at number of sqft. We have options to help fine tune your mailing list.

3- Identify the Owner

Aside from selecting the demographics for the commercial building. You can identify what type of owner it is. Is it a company or individual owner. You get the owners mailing address and the property address so you are able to reach prospects using either address. A mailing list coach can review options with you and help to make selections that will result in the most effective list for your needs.

4- How to take “Reach” and “Frequency” into consideration

Is it better to 1500 prospects once or 500 prospects 3 times?
Every marketer has a budget and wants to get the most “mileage” from their allocated dollars. However, many focus on reach rather than frequency. Which is more important?  We have a brief video that will shed some light on the subject: 

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