Postcard Marketing for Lawn Service

Successful postcard marketing for a lawn service is determined by a number of factors, starting with having a clear objective for the campaign. Once you have defined the goal of the campaign, the postcard must be designed to motivate the prospect to respond to your call to action.  Below are a few Ideas and Magnets that have been used successfully by our clients. Use one or a combination, but don’t over crowd the postcard with too much information. The postcard must pass “The Glance Test”, which means the reader will know what the card is about with just a passing glance. If you fail the glance test your campaign will under perform.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a postcard mailing for your HVAC Company.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a postcard mailing for your Lawn Maintenace Company.

Concentrate Your Customers – Save Time, Save Gas, Cut More Lawns!

Use USPS mail carrier routes to create a mailing list where you have the highest concentration of customers. Get Mail Carrier Route Maps for the Zip Codes you cover. Then select the routes that have the highest concentration. Mail postcards to these routes every 4 – 5 weeks.

Are You Happy?

If you are looking for new customers they fall into two categories:1- Those that cut their own lawns and2- Those that already have a lawn service.Go after group 2 with this message on your postcard: “ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR LAWN SERVICE? OUR CUSTOMERS ARE! READ WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY: ” Written testimonials (a sentence or two) work great. If you can include photos of some of your customers and their lawns, even better.

FREE Lawn Service!

You are probably thinking “…that’s easy for you to say”. Try this offer: FREE LAWN SERVICE (Headline) and then a disclaimer – For new customers. Get 2 cuts at our regular low price and your 3rd cut is Free! That works out to a 33% discount. Plus, after 3 cuts in a row, it is probably safe to say you’ve got a new regular customer.

Need A Tune-Up?

We thought this was a unique idea. Offer an on site lawn mower tune up service. In the process you will identify prospects that do their own lawn. This group can be targeted for additional services like landscaping, fertilization, spring and fall clean-ups, etc. And remember, just because they have a lawn mower does not mean they love doing the lawn. Tempt them with a special offer.

Be Flexible On Pricing

Offer one time pricing as well as contracts. By the way, if you are selling contracts, don’t call it a contract, call it a “Savings Package”.

It’s All About You!

Do you have a small operation? Try this headline to emphasize your personal service: “I Own The Company, I Cut The Lawns, I Guarantee Your Satisfaction!” Include your photo and you will have a very powerful message on your postcard.

Promote Your Website With Postcard Mailings

Don’t have a website? You should. And it should contain more than just a laundry list of your services. Photographs of your work, testimonials, gardening tips, monthly specials on seasonal flowers and services and more. The website should have plenty of good content that can be used to sell new clients and keep the ones you have.

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