What is a Targeted Mailing List?

A targeted mailing list starts with all of the individuals within a geographic area, such as a zip code, and then excludes individuals that do not match a specific demographic criteria.

Demographics are characteristics or behavior that make an individual unique. Here are some examples:

Age Gender Income Ehnicity Homeowner or Renter Marital Status

What Are Demographics?

We are living in the “Information Age”, and like it or not, mailing list compilers know a lot about you from:

How do Mailing List Compilers Gather Demographics?

Public Records Credit Card Transactions Survey Data Automobile Registration Websites Visited Buying Activity Real Estate Property Data Memberships in Clubs or Organizations

Will Everyone Meeting the Selected Demographics be Included in a Targeted List?

No.  Only individuals who can be positively identified as meeting all of the demographics specified will be included. There may be additional individuals in the target geographic area that meet the demographic criteria but for one reason or another can not be verified.

What if the Mailing List Count is Too Big or Too Small?

In order to reduce or increase the size of a targeted mailing list, start by adjusting  the geographic area. If that does not yield the desired results then make minor adjustments to the demographics.