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Get a List of People Ready to Move

If you are looking for a Pre Mover Mailing List for sale, you have come to the right place.
Folks who have just listed their home for sale are among the very best prospects for a moving company.

The Pre-Mover database is compiled from public and private sources that identify the address of consumers who have currently listed their home for sale.
These records acquired daily and the file is built bi-weekly.


Pre Mover Mailing List For Sale

Price: 33¢ per address – $165 minimum order (500 addresses)

The compiler of our Pre Mover Mailing List is Acxiom a leader in Consumer Data Management.

Pre Mover Direct Mail List:
Format & Delivery

Targeted Pre Mover Consumer Mailing Lists will be sent by E-mail in Excel or CSV Format. Mailing Lists can also be sent as a PDF formatted to run standard Avery 5160 3-Up Label Sheets.

Peel & Stick Labels Included!


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