Targeted Drip Mailings

Targeted Drip Mailings

Use the Calculator below to find a Weekly Budget that’s Comfortable

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Use Your Mailing List
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Targeted List from Us

Unlike Saturation Mailings, Targeted Mailings are sent to clients or prospects that meet a specific demographic criteria. We can use a list that you provide or you can purchase a targeted list from us.

Mailing List Purchase if needed
NOT Included in the calculator pricing.

Need a Targeted Consumer List for your Drip Mailings?

We sell targeted Consumer Mailing Lists from the best compilers at very affordable prices. Learn more about targeted consumer lists by watching the video on the right. When you are, one of our coaches can help you determine the best selection criteria. CLICK HERE for more Consumer List Information.


Need a Targeted Business List for your Drip Mailings?

If your business sells to other businesses you will need an up to date B2B mailing list. Our primary business mailing list compiler is Dun & Bradstreet and leader in data management for over 150 years. Our business mailing lists include the Top Contact Name and Phone number which can be used for telemarketing. Our coaches can answer questions and assist you in creating the best B2B list for your Drip Campaign. CLICK HERE for more Business List Information.

Reach vs Frequency

Consider this:
For the same budget is it better to mail to 1000 prospects 3 times or 3000 prospect 1 time?

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Are you promoting an event or special offer that is time sensitive? If so you many not have time for repeat mailings.
  2. Are you a new business your initial mailing(s) should get the word out to as many prospects as possible.
  3. If you are an established business you should solidify your market area with regular mailings to create a “top of mind awareness”.

CLICK HERE to Learn More about Reach and Frequency



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