Postcards With Scratch Off

Postcards With Scratch Off
Can Increase Response

We’ve made it affordable to send Postcards With Scratch Off Game Piece

Mockup of one of our postcards with scratchoffs.

Turn Your Next Postcard into a Game Card

We can add a 1-Inch Scratch Off Circle to your postcard as part of the custom design.

When the prospect scratches off the circle, your special offer will be revealed.

Scratch offs are fun and make your postcard interactive. Instead of just glancing at the card while sorting through the mail, the prospect will be enticed to stop, scratch and consider the prize.

Every Postcard is a Winning Postcard

Consider your scratch off prize carefully as every card will have the same prize. Our mailing coaches can work with you to develop the prize.

The result from a scratch off.
The price of one scratchoff on a postcard.

Very Affordable – Currently Just 3 Cents Extra per Postcard

That’s only and extra $30 per 1000 Postcards.


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