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Postcard Marketing for Roofers

Postcard marketing for roofers can do more than generate leaking roof repair service calls. Homes in older neighborhoods may need major roof repairs or total replacements. Use the ideas on this page to create an effective postcard. The objective should be to generate small and large jobs. Even small jobs create an opportunity to introduce your roofing business and set the stage for referrals and additional work in the future.


1. So Many Roofs, So Many Opportunities!

We’ve seen lots of roofers advertise their services with the headline: “Leaking Roof?” This approach may produce results. There is bound to be lots of homeowners with leaky roofs. However, why focus only on prospects with only that problem? Instead, consider every home as a prospect. Think about all the services you could provide in addition to fixing leaks?. Services like: save on insurance with a professional roof inspection or rain gutters, fascia repair or even roof cleaning.

2. Show Prices and Offers

Give potential customers a general idea for the cost for your services. For example, new shingle roofs starting at $5000. You could also offer a discount for storm damaged roofs such as: “Get up to $1000 Off Your Deductible”. Homeowners will be motivated to choose your services over your competitors.

3. Reach New Customers in Your Own Neighborhood

Why not target the neighborhood where you live. USPS Carrier Route Maps make it easy to target specific neighborhoods. Include the name of the development on the postcard. People trust their neighbors. You can even offer a neighborhood discount.

4. Call “The Reliable Roofer”

It may seem old fashioned but people still want service they can depend on. No one wants to settle for second best. If you include your photo, you may be surprised how may may recognize you. The photo also makes the postcard more personal. Remember, you are asking for an invitation to go inside someones home to offer an estimate. If you have a crew, show a group photo and they should be in some sort of uniform (even a nice t-shirt). A photo of a your commercial vehicle can also add credibility.

5. The “Free Estimate” Service Call

If you advertise that you provide “FREE Estimates” or a “FREE Roof Inspection”, the homeowner will be more likely to call since there is no obligation on their part. Remember, the purpose of the postcard is to generate a lead. An opportunity to get in front of the homeowner and make a presentation.

6. Be Flexible

Advertise that you are available on weekends, evenings and/or holidays. This will help separate you from the competition.

7. Offer Residential Service To Your Corporate Clients

No corporate clients? Business owners live somewhere. Be sure to mention if you offer commercial roofing services. How about a “Friends And Family” Promotion. Offer discounts to the friends and family of your current clients or some other type of referral program.

8. If Offering A Discount Use Dollars ($) Not a Percentage Off (%)

A discount expressed in dollars rather than percentage off is usually more effective. If you say 10% OFF, people will wonder – …”10% OFF What?”. A dollars off discount (even a modest one) usually works better (especially in these economic times). Try this headline: “SAVE THIS POSTCARD – $500 OFF ROOF REPLACEMENT”.

We have examples here on our website in our Roofing Sample Section.
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