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Postcard Marketing For
Property Managers

Postcard Marketing Property Managers is an effective method to prospect for clients seeking property management services. Whether you are looking for owners of residential or commercial properties, a postcard will always make it way to your prospect.

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The Basic Rules of Advertising Apply: Highlight Benefits… Not Features
When creating the message for your postcard mailing, it is wise to stick to basic advertising rules. The most important rule when advertising is to stress benefits not features. In other words, don’t crowd the postcard with laundry lists of the services you can provide. Rather, let the prospect know what benefits he will derive by working with your company.

Start with a Headline That Will Pass “The Glance Test”
The nice thing about direct mail advertising is that your message always get to your prospect. Everyone gets their mail every day, but they spend a only a matter of seconds sorting through it. That is when Passing the Glance test is critical. You must get their attention at this stage or all is lost.
When writing the copy for your postcard, don’t lose sight of who you are speaking to. Forget about the fact that you are about to send a mass mailing. If you try to create a message that appeals to everyone, you will wind up with a bunch of cliches, like “great customer service” or “reliable and trustworthy representation”. Utterly meaningless. Clients expect you that you will give good service and be trustworthy.
You need to start a conversation. Picture your ideal client, then put yourself in his shoes and imagine what his concerns are. Then narrow down those concerns to the one most important. That will be your headline. The best headlines present a problem and offer a solution.

What’s the #1 Benefit Property Managers Can Provide?  Hint: $$$$$
Owners of vacant or rental properties are often disappointed in their real estate investment(s). Perhaps they had dreams of positive cash flow and steady property appreciation that haven’t quite come true. Maybe they are “accidental” landlords having inherited a property or had to relocate and were unable to sell due to the current market situation. Many might describe their property as a “Money Pit”. Now that’s a problem. Can you offer a solution?

We Can Help You Develop Your Message
Our services include custom postcard design using our proven 4 point strategy. We will help you define your “Claim to Fame” and how you how to highlight it. The consulting and design are including in our full service package pricing. Why not talk to one of our Coaches and get a free campaign recommendation and quote? Call or email using the form at the bottom of this page.

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