Postcard Marketing for Political

Postcard Marketing for Political

Postcard marketing for political campaigns is one of the best ways to deliver a message to voters. Over the years we’ve launched hundreds of campaigns and created hundreds of postcards that have helped many candidates become winners! Here are few factors that should be kept in mind.

Image of political system depicting postcard marketing for political campaigns.

1. Clarify The Goals Of The Mailing

  • Introduce the candidate if he is not well known
  • Talk about the most important issues
  • Ask for contributions
  • Ask for volunteers
  • Expose competitor’s weaknesses
  • Invite voters to a town hall meeting

2. Putting Together The Best Bulk Mailing List

USPS Mail Carrier Routes are the least expensive mailing lists and can be mailed at the lowest postage rates. Carrier route maps are available and can be compared to target specific voting districts or precincts. Even if there is a bit of overlap, the savings will probably out weigh the cost of a more targeted list. You can also purchase a targeted list by party affiliation (including independents), age and income, education levels, ethnicity and more.

3. Use Full Color Postcards With Lots Of Photos

It’s true, a picture is worth a 1000 words, or more! But, don’t just use a head shot of the candidate that looks like it came from a drivers license. If the candidate is for Education, get a photo of him at a school with kids. If he’s pro-business, get a picture at a Chamber of Commerce Meeting. If he’s for moral values, a shot with the family on Sunday talking to the Pastor. You get the idea.

4. Use Direct Mail To Drive Voters To Your Website

Make sure there is lots of good content about the issues and the candidate. Don’t disappoint web visitors. Your website doesn’t have to be “Madison Avenue”. It can even have a “home-made” look, but it most deliver on content and be worth the voters time.

5. Send An Invitation To “Ask The Candidate”!

Not always possible, but if you can manage it, get a cell phone and dedicate the phone number to taking calls from voters. Invite them to “ask the candidate”, “express their views” or just “sound off”. You can limit calling to specific times during the day or week.

6. Target Residential Communities With A Club House

Use USPS mail carrier routes to target communities with a club house. Contact the homeowner or condo association and ask if you can use the facilities for a mini town hall meeting exclusively for their residents.

Visit our Political Postcard Sample Section for more ideas.

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