Postcard Marketing for Insurance

Postcard Marketing for Insurance

Postcard marketing for insurance can reach prospects for both consumer and business coverage. Use the ideas in this article to design an effective postcard.  When selling insurance it is sometimes difficult to separate your offerings from the competition. Identify what makes your agency special, your “claim to fame” and then highlight it.

Image of different types of insurance protection to illustrate postcard marketing for insurance agents.

1. Don’t Wait – Save Money Now!

Many potential customers are under the impression that they have to wait until their policy expires to make a change. Let them know that they can start saving right away.

2. Are You Paying Too Much?

If you think about it, a lot of the clients that you have written insurance for in the past year have given you their business because you were able to save them money. Take a page from the insurance ads you see on TV. Figure out the average savings and then proclaim it. The headline on your postcard can be: “Clients We Covered This Year Saved An Average of $xxx! Are You Paying Too Much? Find Out With A FREE Quote By Phone” Are You An Independent Insurance Agent? Then make sure prospects know you have a number of companies to place their insurance with. Use the phrase: “We Shop And You SAVE!”

3. It’s All About You – Your Experience & Enthusiasm Can Make A Difference

When you are advertising your services, it is not the time to be modest. Selling Insurance is a one on one, personal service. Include your photo and a brief resume on your postcard. You may be surprised how many people recognize you, especially if you mail to homes in your own neighborhood. Include memberships in community organizations or church groups.

4. Target The Right Prospects For The Right Product

Using the right mailing list can help you achieve a higher response rate and save money in the process. If you are mailing out a product like auto insurance, chances are a geographic mailing will be the best way to proceed. You can target neighborhoods that are nearby your office and also filter by average home value. Long term care insurance can be targeted at baby boomers that either have elderly parents or are thinking about their own future. Young families might want to consider an annuity for the education of their children. A business list filtered by industry type may target a market for a specialized product that you have to offer.

5. Is Your Customer List Up To Date?

A customer list can be used for more than just reminding folks when their insurance is up for renewal. Keep in touch on a regular basis by offering additional insurance coverage to folks who already know you. You customer list is a valuable asset, but it is not worth much if you never use it.

6. Benefits Not Details

Use your postcard to highlight the benefits of a particular coverage not the details. The purpose of the postcard is to generate a lead, not make the sale. Keep it brief and as tantalizing as possible.

7. It’s Not Just About The Price

Make sure prospects understand that coverage limits are just as important as price when purchasing insurance. During recent disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, many folks learned the hard way that their coverage was not adequate.

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