Postcard Marketing for Churches

Postcard Marketing for Churches

Postcard marketing for churches is one of the best ways to deliver a message to residents surrounding a church. It is an effective way to build and maintain a congregation. Over the years we’ve launched hundreds of campaigns for churches. We will show you how to create postcards that will help your church increase their visibility within the neighborhood. Here are few factors that should be kept in mind:

Postcard marketing for churches

1. Clarify The Goals Of The Postcard Mailing

For example:

  • Increase the size of the congregation
  • Invitation to attend Holiday Services (Easter or Christmas)
  • Fund Raising
  • Recruitment for Special Ministries
  • Promote Church School or Child Care
  • Vacation Bible School

2. Putting Together The Best Bulk Mailing List

USPS Mail Carrier Routes are the least expensive mailing lists and can be mailed at the lowest postage rates. Carrier route maps are available so that specific neighborhoods can be targeted. You can also purchase a targeted list by religious affiliation, age and income, education levels, ethnicity and more.

3. Use Full Color Postcards With Lots Of Photos

It’s true, a picture is worth a 1000 words, or more! Include a photo of the exterior of the church so the recipient will make a visual connection. Feature members of the congregation in church and at social events. You get the idea. See samples of Church Postcards.

4. Use Direct Mail To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Make sure there is lots of good content about the church and its mission. Don’t disappoint web visitors. Your website doesn’t have to be “Madison Avenue”. It can even have a “home-made” look, but it most deliver on content and be worth the visitor’s time.

5. Feature The Pastor

A photo, a biography and sermon excerpts can make an invitation to new congregants personal.

6. Appeal To Everyone

List all of the special ministries, youth, choir, seniors and other groups.

7. Use A Social Lure

People love to be part of a community. The social aspect of Church membership should be promoted. Try a headline like this one: “MEET OTHER FAMILIES THAT SHARE YOUR VALUES!”

See Church Postcard Samples for more ideas.

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