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Postcard Design Ideas That Help Increase Response

Postcard design ideas must go beyond creating a postcard that is pleasing to the eye. It’s the message that makes folks respond. As part of the design, you must include and highlight the “Magnet” . See examples below.

Postcard Design Ideas …Point 2 of 4:
“The Magnet”

Image of magnet to describe the megnet of thew 4 point design startegy

What do we mean by the “Magnet”? The Magnet is an offer or an incentive designed to motivate a prospect to respond. It does not always need to be a discount. For example, if you have a unique product or service that is priced to sell, it may be enough to do the trick. Feel free to to speak with one of our Direct Mail Coaches about Postcard Design Ideas.

The “Magnet” must be strong enough to “Attract” Prospects 

The Magnet is used to motivate prospects to respond. Make sure the Magnet is featured prominently on the postcard.

"A pothole repair company is used to illustrate postcard design ideas"

The Magnet does not always need to be a discount. If you have a unique product or service it may be strong enough to attract prospects. If you decide to offer a discount, make sure you are always ready to cheerfully redeem it. Don’t judge the success of your campaign by the revenue generated by the initial response to the mailing. Think about the life cycle of a customer. How much is a new customer worth to your business other the years to come. Furthermore, satisfied customers will often tell their family and friends.

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