palm beach zip code totals

Palm Beach Zip Code Totals

The table below shows Palm Beach Zip Code Totals for every zip code in Palm Beach County. You can find the correct zip code for Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boyton Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, North, South & West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta or any city located in Palm Beach Count. Did you know that zip codes are made up of Mail Carrier Routes?  A Mail Carrier Route contains the daily postal deliveries of a mail carrier. The average carrier route has 300 to 500 deliveries and may be comprised of single family homes, apartments, trailers, PO Boxes and businesses. If your business relies on walk in traffic you have probably determined that your market area is within a 3 to 5 mile radius (sometimes less than a mile in more densely populated areas). Therefore, if the number of addresses in a zip code is larger than your mailing budget consider using carrier routes to target your marketing area. Use the form below to request a mail carrier route map and count report for the Palm Beach Area or anywhere in Palm Beach County.

Zip CodeCitySingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotal
33401WEST PALM BEACH, FL2878127591821177533
33402WEST PALM BEACH, FL74800434256
33403WEST PALM BEACH, FL34432279010053873
33404WEST PALM BEACH, FL836559021612918549
33405WEST PALM BEACH, FL56522323011015501
33406WEST PALM BEACH, FL69412277456537126
33407WEST PALM BEACH, FL69235561014957775
33408NORTH PALM BEACH, FL505059377113287301
33409WEST PALM BEACH, FL5880609245716987774
33410PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL120543998313158112218
33411WEST PALM BEACH, FL21638598573138222325
33412WEST PALM BEACH, FL6324001045520
33413WEST PALM BEACH, FL55929502264621
33414WELLINGTON, FL1901826480123717280
33415WEST PALM BEACH, FL920992787269512345
33416WEST PALM BEACH, FL144600585443
33417WEST PALM BEACH, FL11515450842829410213
33418PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL164543549043515407
33419WEST PALM BEACH, FL72100251284
33420WEST PALM BEACH, FL82300633277
33421ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL95000417359
33422WEST PALM BEACH, FL99900256380
33424BOYNTON BEACH, FL58100293185
33425BOYNTON BEACH, FL54200220161
33426BOYNTON BEACH, FL86543033013708136
33427BOCA RATON, FL38500345126
33428BOCA RATON, FL100305681039212093
33429BOCA RATON, FL59300331163
33430BELLE GLADE, FL515222645197033939
33431BOCA RATON, FL43043929023025546
33432BOCA RATON, FL333810084018377292
33433BOCA RATON, FL1138410242055515825
33434BOCA RATON, FL10500190205678712
33435BOYNTON BEACH, FL88808578079710416
33436BOYNTON BEACH, FL15298540547942214926
33437BOYNTON BEACH, FL138076601030316076
33438CANAL POINT, FL4200043189
33444DELRAY BEACH, FL5146432607916389
33445DELRAY BEACH, FL75718903081711100
33446DELRAY BEACH, FL117245256043111927
33448DELRAY BEACH, FL1710013545
33449LAKE WORTH, FL359410601763177
33454GREENACRES, FL76000375270
33458JUPITER, FL16078581319177616826
33459LAKE HARBOR, FL5900628
33460LAKE WORTH, FL7423621110312797486
33461LAKE WORTH, FL97136780247110410121
33462LAKE WORTH, FL9764458208149865
33463LAKE WORTH, FL1716140858079215906
33465LAKE WORTH, FL1900017362
33466LAKE WORTH, FL55800211180
33467LAKE WORTH, FL176745066070118453
33468JUPITER, FL104100799403
33469JUPITER, FL5127295608335787
33470LOXAHATCHEE, FL95501405508422
33472BOYNTON BEACH, FL784224201896995
33473BOYNTON BEACH, FL408260193434
33474BOYNTON BEACH, FL45500353150
33476PAHOKEE, FL19694921161611555
33477JUPITER, FL465843781846035473
33478JUPITER, FL492511031374527
33480PALM BEACH, FL30106643014164123
33481BOCA RATON, FL47800432185
33482DELRAY BEACH, FL82300374268
33483DELRAY BEACH, FL32295463012584782
33484DELRAY BEACH, FL94087011042911077
33486BOCA RATON, FL6491271704047276
33487BOCA RATON, FL43166939012656780
33488BOCA RATON, FL2740025791
33493SOUTH BAY, FL9941256681650
33496BOCA RATON, FL8241272301778513
33497BOCA RATON, FL2230022682
33498BOCA RATON, FL547418521805013
Grand Total436687222042331149422458566

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