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What is a Mailing List Broker?

We are a Mailing List Broker… and that is a Good Thing! We do not compile mailing lists but instead shop premium data sources for the mailing lists that meet the demographic requirements of our clients at the most competitive price.


Our Business Mailing List Source

We use Dun & Bradstreet as our Business Mailing List Compiler They are the world’s leading source of commercial information for over 150 years.


Saturation Business Mailing List

A saturation business mailing list is compiled by the U S Post Office and  includes every commercial address within a geographic area. The Post Office business saturation lists are updated every month, so they are right up to date. Saturation Mailing Lists do not offer any type of industry or demographic selection. If you use this type of list you must include every commercial address with your target area, including banks, supermarkets, churches, schools, retail stores, medical facilities, offices, etc. This list includes address, city, state, and zip. No business names are included with this type of list.


Targeted Business Mailing Lists

If your primary customers are other businesses a targeted business mailing list can help you increase sales. We use Dun & Bradstreet as our compiler for business lists. Start by defining your geographic market area. Then target specific industries using SIC Codes. Finally, fine tune your selection with business demographics such as number of years in business, annual sales and more. When you are ready to buy a mailing list, if you need help, one of our Direct Mail Coaches will be happy walk you through the creation and ordering process.

How to Describe Geography & Demographics for List Creation

Creating the best possible mailing list to grow your business is easy. Start by defining your primary geographic market area by zip code, city, county or state. Next write down the characteristics of your ideal customer. Use demographics to copy as closely as possible those characteristics. Now get a mailing list count to see how many prospects are in your market area. If the count is more than your budget will allow to mail, then reduce geography (reach) not demographics. The perfect mailing list count will allow you to mail on a regular basis which is the key to direct mail success.

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