Miami-Dade Zip Code Totals

The table below shows Miami-Dade Zip Code Totals for every zip code in Miami-Dade County. You can find the correct zip code for Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, Miami Lakes, Aventura, Hialeah, Doral, Homestead, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove or any city in Miami Dade County. Did you know that zip codes are made up of Mail Carrier Routes?  A Mail Carrier Routecontains the daily postal deliveries of a mail carrier. The average carrier route has 300 to 500 deliveries and may be comprised of single family homes, apartments, trailers, PO Boxes and businesses. If your business relies on walk in traffic you have probably determined that your market area is within a 3 to 5 mile radius (sometimes less than a mile in more densely populated areas). Therefore, if the number of addresses in a zip code is larger than your mailing budget consider using carrier routes to target your marketing area. Use the form below to request a mail carrier route map and count report for any Zip Code in the Miami Area or anywhere in Miami-Dade County.

Zip CodeCitySingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotal
33002HIALEAH, FL60400144173
33010HIALEAH, FL6312838418319328807
33011HIALEAH, FL78200111167
33012HIALEAH, FL1169712777344258616809
33013HIALEAH, FL682932953210887282
33014HIALEAH, FL728680960201410385
33015HIALEAH, FL1025211306082115318
33016HIALEAH, FL637793400324011362
33017HIALEAH, FL132300315453
33018HIALEAH, FL105274430570124212157
33030HOMESTEAD, FL6526353657410446278
33031HOMESTEAD, FL21492801261892
33032HOMESTEAD, FL120263292051010192
33033HOMESTEAD, FL14617414843251513387
33034HOMESTEAD, FL444624101575993935
33035HOMESTEAD, FL439812360313995
33054OPA LOCKA, FL70513160018717008
33055OPA LOCKA, FL1199861343538111003
33056MIAMI GARDENS, FL877722731533699151
33090HOMESTEAD, FL104900256281
33092HOMESTEAD, FL61800175243
33101MIAMI, FL112800425315
33102MIAMI, FL0002360
33109MIAMI BEACH, FL6840018387
33114CORAL GABLES, FL132600805463
33116MIAMI, FL80100818336
33119MIAMI BEACH, FL61100160147
33122MIAMI, FL00016170
33124MIAMI, FL640013719
33125MIAMI, FL75421247745106110865
33126MIAMI, FL5661121410234110702
33127MIAMI, FL56174150013685810
33128MIAMI, FL254306803851338
33129MIAMI, FL1685633302764856
33130MIAMI, FL93015779013515551
33131MIAMI, FL215394022455603
33132MIAMI, FL107953011552933
33133MIAMI, FL868166910100210255
33134MIAMI, FL8779768693288011226
33135MIAMI, FL49221053519815067200
33136MIAMI, FL1003555704422895
33137MIAMI, FL22229874013845140
33138MIAMI, FL57587096012567731
33139MIAMI BEACH, FL1022267560246212101
33140MIAMI BEACH, FL29741126209007636
33141MIAMI BEACH, FL307418306088410302
33142MIAMI, FL101838896390299010999
33143MIAMI, FL72596384012629188
33144MIAMI, FL7245217119518856515
33145MIAMI, FL7499389208838049
33146MIAMI, FL3549181408733507
33147MIAMI, FL114543495463121111199
33149KEY BISCAYNE, FL1620527005934113
33150MIAMI, FL617228387087646107
33152MIAMI, FL84400746301
33153MIAMI, FL49700280163
33154MIAMI BEACH, FL1973700407324914
33155MIAMI, FL1253129740253212640
33156MIAMI, FL84343997013699362
33157MIAMI, FL1838541930201918135
33158MIAMI, FL20602220212082
33160NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL2586261770108214267
33161MIAMI, FL8892868652124311260
33162MIAMI, FL872451710150110197
33163MIAMI, FL1780012857
33164MIAMI, FL40700117110
33165MIAMI, FL1509923370108214569
33166MIAMI, FL4642451619864745846
33167MIAMI, FL4172197302734577
33168MIAMI, FL765232707706369
33169MIAMI, FL754463180139110312
33170MIAMI, FL40603411673253396
33172MIAMI, FL320112360026949656
33173MIAMI, FL83293990093710118
33174MIAMI, FL5419502107837834
33175MIAMI, FL139423083087714566
33176MIAMI, FL1243371320156915404
33177MIAMI, FL151061729079513792
33178MIAMI, FL108898236112217111426
33179MIAMI, FL641211366086712188
33180MIAMI, FL23611609743141010201
33181MIAMI, FL231361146211274872
33182MIAMI, FL404000893723
33183MIAMI, FL6873558104809985
33184MIAMI, FL5275123503535442
33185MIAMI, FL783048002237313
33186MIAMI, FL1837062060431619475
33187MIAMI, FL506474821974677
33189MIAMI, FL6627236803866976
33190MIAMI, FL290121890183486
33193MIAMI, FL90076401016711653
33194MIAMI, FL22632204481571
33195MIAMI, FL000310
33196MIAMI, FL118034804046112410
33197MIAMI, FL108800392345
33199MIAMI, FL00010
33222MIAMI, FL78400482272
33231MIAMI, FL3510022373
33233MIAMI, FL49200328154
33234MIAMI, FL252008876
33238MIAMI, FL88600112240
33239MIAMI BEACH, FL3390013476
33242MIAMI, FL98600112313
33243MIAMI, FL54500317180
33245MIAMI, FL74800337254
33247MIAMI, FL121500144483
33255MIAMI, FL64700299239
33256MIAMI, FL111800755379
33257MIAMI, FL30600116122
33261MIAMI, FL142900435545
33265MIAMI, FL88800466291
33266MIAMI, FL34700224105
33269MIAMI, FL100700323418
33280MIAMI, FL3100028583
33283MIAMI, FL94000430311
33296MIAMI, FL63500369211
Grand Total5398264727996088105801664261

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