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Mailing Lists are more accurate than ever and we combine 25 years of experience with our Premium List Sources to deliver the best data. One of our Coaches will work closely with you to understand your goals and answer questions. Visit our Mailing List section to view prices, videos and more information.

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Because of our volume we can offer attractive pricing and low minimum orders.


What you should know about Mailing List Creation

Where does the data come from?  How current is it?

The Mailing List is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a campaign.
We’ve but together a brief summary of things you should know about Mailing List Creation. See an index of our most popular mailing lists.

We are NOT a Compiler,
We’re a Mailing List Broker

Like most direct mail companies we don’t compile mailing lists
we are a mailing list broker.

And that’s a Good Thing!

It means we can shop for our clients and get the very
best data to use for their mailing list creation.

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mailing list data sources - question marks where does the data come from

Where do the Mailing List Compilers get their data from?

We are living in an information age and much of the data comes from:

The World Wide Web:

  • Online purchases
  • Websites visited
  • Surveys and reviews
  • Memberships

Financial Data:

  • Mortgage data
  • Credit cards issued
  • Applications

Traditional Sources:

  • Magazine and other subscriptions
  • Phone and other directories
  • Government census data

County & State Records:

  • Licenses
  • Vehicle registrations

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