When a prospect is willing to listen to a presentation, chances are pretty good that the salesman is going to make a sale. But all too often, the presentation can end with the prospect saying “I want to think about it”. That’s always disappointing.

If you find your prospects saying “I want to think about it” more often than you would like, then it’s time to “think about” your presentation. Most sales people do a good job addressing the price objection. They draw comparisons with similar products or services and perhaps offer discounts to help close the sale. Top sales people also know about relationship selling and how to “schmooze” with their customers, making them feel comfortable and creating trust. But if your presentation ends there, you are missing an important point. Selling is about identifying problems and offering solutions. If you have not convinced the buyer that your product or service is the right solution for his problem, he’s going to delay the sale and want to think more about it.

So the next time you hear “I want to think about it”, quickly determine what was missing in your presentation and re-engage your prospect. If you don’t, he may continue shopping and some other sales person may pick up where you left off and make the sale.

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