How To Design A Postcard

How to Design a Postcard that generates response?

Direct Mail advertising is one of the best methods for promotion available to small businesses. It is one of the only media choices that always gets in front of your prospect. Why? Because everyone get their mail everyday. Postcards always get delivered, but the question is how to design a postcard that will generate new business?

How to Design a Postcard…Point 1 of 4:
“Pass The Glance Test”

image of the word look with 2 eye balls in the letter o's to illustrate the first step of how to design a postcard

Over the years, we have developed an effective four point design strategy for how to design a postcard.
When prospects get their mail, they sort through it in a matter of seconds. We call those first few seconds
“the glance test” and whether you pass or fail will determine the success of your mailing.

Use a Headline and/or an Image to
what the postcard is about.

This is not the time to be subtle, artsy or clever. The reader needs to be able to “get it”
without having to “think about it”. Go big and go bold.

"An image used on demonstrating how to design a postcard."

In the example above we combine an image of a man with room to spare in his pants along with a headline.

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