How to Create an
Charitable Donors Mailing List

If you are looking to contact  donors by specific charities. We can help with a charitable donor mailing list.
You can build a list by using specific charities donors give to.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or to ask for help.

1- How to Create Charitable Donor Mailing List

Start by Defining Your Market Area

Choose the location of your target area. Where do you want to reach charitable donors at? This can be a zip, county, city, or state. We can even do a radius around an address if you have a storefront or office location.

2- Types of Donors

Identify what type of charitable donor your prospect may be

Another consideration is the type of donor.  Charitable donors can give to many causes. Such as children, environmental, wildlife, political, cancer, arts, military veterans, etc. Decide which type of donor you are looking for. 

3- Other Demographics

Identify other donor demographics that your prospect needs to have

Do you need donors with high income for example. Or donors that have a certain net worth. Maybe you want donors that are married or have children. We have a wide range of other demographics to help you fine tune your list. 

4- How to take “Reach” and “Frequency” into consideration

Is it better to 1500 prospects once or 500 prospects 3 times?

Every marketer has a budget and wants to get the most “mileage” from their allocated dollars. However, many focus on reach rather than frequency. Which is more important?  We have a brief video that will shed some light on the subject:

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