every door direct mail carrier routes

Every Door Direct Mail
Carrier Routes Explained

Every Door Direct Mail Carrier Routes Explanation

Learn the Basics in About 2 Minutes

The video on this page is less than 2 minutes long and provides an every door direct mail carrier route explanation in plain English. Why not watch it now? If you have questions after watching the video feel free to contact one of our Direct Mail Advertising Coaches. Call 866-594-3069 or use the form at the bottom of this page to send an email.

Mail Carrier Postal Routes are used to target residents and businesses with an EDDM Mailing. The carrier route targeting method is perfect for reaching specific neighborhoods rather than entire zip codes. A mail carrier route contains the daily deliveries or a mail carrier or mailman. It usually consists of about 300 to 500 deliveries and can include single family homes, apartments, trailers and businesses. The EDDM postcard is not addressed but rather bundled with enough cards to cover the postal route selected. Each bundle has a facing sheet as prescribed by the post office. The mailer has the option to include or exclude business deliveries, however all residential deliveries must be included. Learn more about How EDDM Mailings Work.

See a Mail Carrier Route Map example.

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