Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Part 3
Bob defines his “Claim to Fame”

When I said I was on a budget, I didn’t mean we had to have street food for lunch. Budget has nothing to do with it. I come here all the time. Good food, fast service, and the great outdoors two. But before we eat, let’s do some business and…

Part 2
Bob learns the 2 most important advertising objectives

Hey, Bill. I’ve been thinking about your strategy of working a farm area to help grow my real estate business and I’m ready to give it a try. That’s great, Bob. But remember, you have to be patient. It may take a while to start building momentum. But don’t get…

Part 1
Bob seeks advice about
Real Estate Marketing

Hi, Bob. Congratulations, I hear you got your real estate license and are now working as a Realtor. That’s right, Bill. And I was hoping you would share a few advertising secrets to help me launch my new career. Well, it’s really not a secret, but…

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