direct mail what advantages

Direct Mail Advertising

How does direct mail compare with other advertising?

  1. Direct Mail Always Reaches Your Intended Prospect
    Unlike newspapers, tv, radio and other media choices, a direct mail piece will always reach your intended prospect because everyone gets their mail everyday.
  2. Your Message Won’t Be Competing
    A direct mail piece stands on it’s own. When you advertise in newspapers or magazines your ad can appear next to a competitor.
  3. Direct Mail Has A Longer Shelf Life
    Direct mail is physical. If the recipient is interested in the offer, it can be saved or pehaps put on a refrigerator door as a reminder.
  4. Better Targeting Options
    Using a targeted mailing list, you can define who your best prospects are, and then mail only to them.
  5. Direct Mail can be the Most Affordable Option
    Don’t be fooled by large distribution numbers claimed by newspaper, tv or radio. Take the cost of the promotion and divide it by the
    number of leads generated. That’s your cost per lead and it is the only number you need to consider when evaluating cost.
  6. Measuring Results
    Postcards are one of the easiest advertising methods to track results. Here are a few examples. Businesses that advertise locally can require
    the postcard be returned in person to qualify for a special offer. Offers can be split run to test effectiveness. Stronger offers or incentives can
    be used to lure prospects outside of a primary market area.

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