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Custom Designed Postcards with a Clear Call to Action

The best custom designed postcards attract attention and motivate a prospect to respond. How you want them to respond is referred to as the call to action. It must be clear and bold.

Custom Designed Postcards …Point 4 of 4:
The “Call To Action”

Image of a megaphone to illustrate the call to action

It seems obvious when putting together custom designed postcards that you would include a call to action and most designers will put a phone number or website address and think “that’s all there is to it”. Not so fast. See the examples below to learn how a properly crafted call to action can increase response rates.

Make your “Call to Action” Stand Out!

Tell the prospect exactly what you want him to do. Be careful not to limit response by being too specific.

For example the call to action: “Call Now To Order”
does not speak to a person who is not ready to order but might have a question.

This call to action offers 2 options: “Call Now For More Information OR To Order”

"A sample of one of Print Label and Mail's custom designed postcards."

Having more than one call to action is a good idea. When including more than one list them in order that you prefer. Highlight the one that is your primary method. If they are all equal, like the example above, they should all be the same size.

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