how to create a pool owners mailing list

How to Create a Swimming Pool Owners Mailing List

1) Determine Your Geographic Market Area
The first step in creating a list of potential pool service customers is to define your market area. Here are some things to keep in mind.

If you are looking for customers nearest to your location create a mailing list using a radius from home base. Extend out from your center point as far a necessary to get the desired number of addresses.

If you have identified specific neighborhoods to target, use a mail carrier route map to define a territory.

Time is money, so the closer together your service calls the more clients can be serviced a day. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to target prospects in neighborhoods where you have existing clients.

2) Reach versus Frequency
When creating a swimming pool owners mailing list, decide how many prospects you want to target, “reach” and how many times you plan to mail to them, “frequency”. Frequency is just as important as Reach. For the same budget, it may be better to mail 1000 prospects 3 times rather than 3000 prospects 1 time.

3) Use Demographics to Attract the Best Prospects
Once you have defined your geographic territory and determine how many homes have swimming pools, it’s time to identify the best prospects within that group. Here are a few demographic considerations to take into consideration.

Families with Children
Families with children probably use their pool more and consequently may more likely to need a professional pool service. Parents will especially be concerned about maintaining a clean, chemically safe and well balanced swimming pool.

Older homeowners may be looking to outsource their outdoor maintenance chores such as lawn care and swimming pool service. Use age of the head of household to segment this group.

Homeowners versus Renters
Home owners are decision makers and are concerned about property upkeep. Add verified homeowner as part of your selection criteria.

Property Value and Income
Individuals with expensive homes and high income are probably busy business owners of executives that would rather spend their time with family rather than cleaning and servicing their swimming pool.

Remember, the more demographic selections you employ the smaller your list count. Using a smaller, more targeted list saves money which can be directed toward additional frequency.

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