how to create a neighborhood saturation list

How to create a Neighborhood Mailing List – Is it the Best Option?

To answer the question, start by defining your geographic market area. Then ask yourself this simple question, are most of the deliveries in your market area prospects for your product or service. If you answer yes, then a less expensive neighborhood saturation mailing list will do just fine. If you answered no then you may need a targeted consumer mailing list.

How to Create a Subdivision Mailing List

Neighborhoods often consist of several subdivisions. If you need a subdivision mailing list, start by finding the complete address of a property within that subdivision. Use that address to identify the mail carrier that delivers to the residences located in the subdivision. Using a mail carrier route map, locate the boundaries of the carrier route you identified. If it is a large subdivision, there may be more than one mail carrier. Furthermore, the carrier may also have other homes on his route that are not part of the subdivision. The next step is to order a neighborhood saturation mailing list by carrier route number. After you receive the list, remove those addresses that are not part of the subdivision you are targeting.

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