Broward Zip Code Totals

The table below shows Broward Zip Code Totals for every zip code in Broward County. You can find the correct zip code for Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, Davie, Sunrise, Plantaton, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Margate, Parkland, Pompano or any other city located in Broward County. Did you know that zip codes are made up of Mail Carrier Routes?  A Mail Carrier Route contains the daily postal deliveries of a mail carrier. The average carrier route has 300 to 500 deliveries and may be comprised of single family homes, apartments, trailers, PO Boxes and businesses. If your business relies on walk in traffic you have probably determined that your market area is within a 3 to 5 mile radius (sometimes less than a mile in more densely populated areas). Therefore, if the number of addresses in a zip code is larger than your mailing budget consider using carrier routes to target your marketing area. Use the form below to request a mail carrier route map and count report for any Zip Code in the Fort Lauderdale Area or anywhere in Broward County.

Zip CodeCitySingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotal
33004DANIA, FL373850355111699993
33008HALLANDALE, FL1418004941912
33009HALLANDALE, FL584920088162175927858
33019HOLLYWOOD, FL31548270033811762
33020HOLLYWOOD, FL7906123710196222239
33021HOLLYWOOD, FL114039449347144822647
33022HOLLYWOOD, FL1088003991487
33023MIRAMAR, FL17024394242202223030
33024PEMBROKE PINES, FL193866629150189028055
33025MIRAMAR, FL1343614167095728560
33026PEMBROKE PINES, FL100402122083813000
33027MIRAMAR, FL1538885210109925008
33028PEMBROKE PINES, FL7662134502449251
33029PEMBROKE PINES, FL140840055314637
33060POMPANO BEACH, FL722572060133115762
33061POMPANO BEACH, FL782004431225
33062POMPANO BEACH, FL376915674096220405
33063MARGATE, FL13524106450142225591
33064POMPANO BEACH, FL151128414651187626053
33065CORAL SPRINGS, FL1228975780140121268
33066POMPANO BEACH, FL45455624035810527
33067PARKLAND, FL73312345066410340
33068POMPANO BEACH, FL128974922048418303
33069POMPANO BEACH, FL2902100370218815127
33071CORAL SPRINGS, FL109402792066614398
33073POMPANO BEACH, FL71844449555111313301
33074POMPANO BEACH, FL40800250658
33075PARKLAND, FL655004971152
33076POMPANO BEACH, FL114001179046013039
33077POMPANO BEACH, FL1003004201423
33081HOLLYWOOD, FL747003491096
33082PEMBROKE PINES, FL914006511565
33083HOLLYWOOD, FL4960097593
33084HOLLYWOOD, FL721003301051
33093MARGATE, FL57000192762
33097COCONUT CREEK, FL32400274598
33301FORT LAUDERDALE, FL267477030140111778
33302FORT LAUDERDALE, FL904003071211
33303FORT LAUDERDALE, FL25900164423
33304FORT LAUDERDALE, FL305584760114712678
33305FORT LAUDERDALE, FL3628301104737112
33306FORT LAUDERDALE, FL972116905822723
33307LAUDERDALE BY THE SEA, FL723004651188
33308FORT LAUDERDALE, FL5038155020151122051
33309FORT LAUDERDALE, FL842460990265217175
33310FORT LAUDERDALE, FL2008006252633
33311FORT LAUDERDALE, FL13849106120231926780
33312LAUDERHILL, FL15190541497181522516
33313FORT LAUDERDALE, FL9257143350124424836
33314DAVIE, FL5100535376144111970
33315FORT LAUDERDALE, FL368629061058927589
33316FORT LAUDERDALE, FL18565767014569079
33317PLANTATION, FL98523225109113214318
33318FORT LAUDERDALE, FL789004761265
33319FORT LAUDERDALE, FL10102131400101424256
33320FORT LAUDERDALE, FL829003521181
33321TAMARAC, FL158257102077123698
33322SUNRISE, FL104788815059819891
33323FORT LAUDERDALE, FL5996227907579032
33324FORT LAUDERDALE, FL115389196351143122516
33325FORT LAUDERDALE, FL8662145844240910971
33326WESTON, FL855641620135814076
33327WESTON, FL6679001776856
33328FORT LAUDERDALE, FL8307191415578811164
33329FORT LAUDERDALE, FL806004341240
33330SUNSHINE RANCHES, FL46654103215027
33331SW RANCHES, FL680271604107928
33332SW RANCHES, FL3426202313659
33334OAKLAND PARK, FL759060590207015719
33335FORT LAUDERDALE, FL46900305774
33338FORT LAUDERDALE, FL41600202618
33339FORT LAUDERDALE, FL37100272643
33345FORT LAUDERDALE, FL812005301342
33346SUNRISE, FL21100133344
33348FORT LAUDERDALE, FL1490082231
33351FORT LAUDERDALE, FL872845240184915101
33355FORT LAUDERDALE, FL28400285569
33359FORT LAUDERDALE, FL36800131499
33388PLANTATION, FL0006666
33441HILLSBORO, FL5023810527132914484
33442DEERFIELD BEACH, FL1456440260132219912
33443DEERFIELD BEACH, FL769003451114
Grand Total477003333915332069765884003

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