Selling isn’t complicated. It’s just a matter of helping people get what they want. It’s the process that can be a little challenging. It boils down to making a winning sales presentation. In this video, we reveal a little secret that can result in achieving big sales numbers.

Are you ready? Okay here it is… the secret is Asking Permission.

Here’s how. If you have a product or service on sale, try this approach:

“…madam, we have a very special sale going on this week, may I tell you about it?”

If the prospect answers “yes”, and he usually will, then you have permission to continue, but more important, you have his undivided attention.

That was the “how” now for the “when”.

Divide your specials into two categories:

  1. Add on specials
  2. Closing specials

Add on specials are similar to a fast food restaurant asking “would you like fries with that”? The add on special should be presented after the sale is made to increase the overall sales amount.

A closing special, on the other hand, should be held in reserve and used if needed. When it looks like you are not going to make the sale, it’s time to use the closing special.

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