Absentee Owners List Instructions

How to Create a Mailing List for Non-Owner Occupied Properties 

1- Determine the Property Location(s)
(“Site Geography”) using zip code, county, or state.

2- Specify the Property Owner Location(s) 
Where owner lives or receives mail. There are 2 options for owner location:

  • A) Exclude the Property Site Location to avoid owners that live nearby the property. Also determine if owners living out of state are to be included.
  • B) Include the Property Site Location. (Suppress Owner/Site Address Match)

3- Choose Homeowner Type Detail
Choices are Private Investor or Company Owned  Company owned are usually properties owned by Corporations or a group of real estate investors working together.

4- Choose Property Type Detail

  • Single Family
  • Condo
  • 2-4 Units
  • 5+ Units
  • Mobile Home
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